The Facts

• 1996 The opening of the shelter

• 1998 An external component to the foster home is required to support the families of vulnerable communities.

• 2002 Opening of the Proximity house which helps mothers and families through various training programs, providing psychosocial support to 347 families including 797 children / youth / young adults.

2004 Community Mobilization is the logical next step, providing encouragement and awareness, assistance and ongoing support, education and training through volunteers from vulnerable communities.

• 2005 Purchase of a land of 8 acres.

• 2007 The construction of a new building to accommodate a larger number of children with complex and various problems. They will be supported by a multidisciplinary team that will provide individualized support.

. • From 2003 to 2015, several projects have emerged on a practical and immediate learning basic of skills development, shared responsibility, solidarity and socialization. Developing income-generating activities: vegetable growing, livestock and poultry (henhouse) and involvement in the maintenance of the immediate surroundings, without forgetting environmental protection.

• This is also the period of development of Social Skills for a large number of children / youth and young adults. All residency terms are used in order to improve social skills of the young and enable him to regain its status as an individual.

• Studies - Internships: Many young people continue their academic studies, others are moving towards trade schools and another category of young people showed an interest in learning within a company environment in order to acquire new knowledge while regaining control over their life.

• Integration: The integration aspects and psychosocial rehabilitation are meaningless at La Maison Arc-En-Ciel hence the constant monitoring of the community to provide the aid and the support necessary to achieve the objectives.

2013-2016, this is a pivotal time both economically and socially and in terms of interventions (treatment, comprehensive care in a period of austerity while maintaining the quality of services). The development of new methods is one element which should ensure the sustainability of the resource. The major income generating projects have emerged (henhouse, farm animals, goats, ect.).

• Some external young people come to volunteer, get involved in social, recreational, sheltered workshops, preparation of programs while reaffirming their sense of belonging. Two major concepts are born or develop: The Valuation and Socialization.